Shop floor resources

Best machines for best results

Efficient CAD/CAM for CNC

Our production machines

In constant evolution

TNC Lathe Centres

  • Mazak Nexus 200II
  • Cyclone SB-25T8
  • Puma 240 M with motorized units

CNC Machining Centres

  • Pinnacle LV116 (bed 1140mm x 600mm x 600mm)
  • Haas VF1 (bed 508mm x 406mm x 508mm)

Universal Milling Machines

  • Kondia KP90 (welder milling)
  • Fexac (metal removal milling)


  • Band hacksaw MACC 315 CSO

Manually rolled machines

We have any kind of machines for all types of bed and adjust works (roscamat, counter bore, column drils...).


For geometries managing and produce CNC programs, we use Fikus Visualcam CAD/CAM software.

Permanent evolution

Our customers' increasing demand makes us to update permanently our shop floor machines in order to offer our customers the best service.

Haas machine detail
Mazak Nexus 200II